Top Round

Alt Names: Roast Beef, Top Round Steak, Inside Round
French: Intérieur de ronde  |  Spanish: Posta negra


Our premium inside round is a popular cut that can be served as both steaks and roasts. Properly cooked, it consistently delivers visual plate appeal and robust flavor. Other applications include thinly slicing the meat for Latin American dishes, sandwiches and sliders. Slow cooking helps ensure tenderness. 

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Sterling Silver Top Round Beef Cut

Pete Geoghegan, Sterling Silver Chef

“There really aren’t any tricks to prepare beef. The most important steps are aging, cooking the meat up to temperature and letting it rest after cooking. Then you know it’s going to be moist and tender.”

History of the Cut

The “Sunday Roast” (a large Sunday meal featuring roast beef), coming from the top round cut, came to prominence in England during the reign of King Henry VII in 1485. Most of Europe and many Christian colonies of the New World followed this Sunday tradition.

Classic Preparation

Grill / Broil / Skillet / Roast / Smoke / Sous Vide

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