The Ever-Changing Habits of the Average Diner

Overhead shot of a family style meal with hands serving food

Dining habits have undergone a significant shift in recent years due to the pandemic, generational ideologies and new technologies.

Doorstep Delivery

With the evolution of technology and the need of convenience, many people are opting to have meals and groceries delivered to their doorstep instead of going out to eat or shop.1 It lets them enjoy the food they want without leaving their home or office. Make sure you have your takeout process in place!

Less Dairy

Another notable change is the decrease of dairy products, with restaurants cutting down to please health-conscious customers. “We eliminated butter and cream in a lot of applications,” says Sterling Silver Signature Chef Michael Weisshaupt. “We started using a lot of seasoned oils. We make some of our own too: herb oils, tomato oils, smoked paprika oils. Introducing some of those flavor profiles on the plate gives them more depth within the dishes.”

Eating Whenever, Wherever

One of the more significant changes in eating habits has been the shift away from eating during traditional mealtimes. With more people working from home, there’s less reason to stick to a firm breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule in consistent locations, like the kitchen. This means you could see a group show up for lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon, or dinner at 10 pm.

All for Fresh

Additionally, customers are continually more aware of the ingredients in their food and are more likely to seek out fresh produce wherever they eat.2 When you’re creating menu descriptions for your dishes, be sure to call out when you have fruits and veggies—even better if they’re locally sourced.

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