Menu, Prep, Cuts and Packaging Tips for Takeout

Close up of BBQ pork

With business changing on a daily basis, Sterling Silver® Premium Meats will continue to be a resource for useful information to help with the evolution of your business. Focusing on takeout and delivery, we hope these tips will help you face today’s challenges with confidence and optimism.


  • Keep it short, sweet and smart: offer limited items or even just one meal until it sells out
  • Consider braised beef or stir fry/bowls to keep beef on your menu for takeout and delivery
  • Keep fried items to a minimum – they’re harder to get to their destination without sogginess
  • Theme nights and LTOs are a great way to keep customers coming back to see what’s new


  • Grilling, searing and braising beef are the best methods to maintain flavor and consistency when you anticipate longer hold times
  • Chill and slice cooked steaks for great toppers on salads, pastas or Asian noodle dishes
  • Keep hot food at a minimum of 135° and cold food at a maximum of 41°



  • Consider tamper-resistant seals for customer peace of mind
  • Package hot and cold food separately
  • Consider venting packaging to maintain heat, but also prevent overcooking


TIP #1
Chef Barry Miles has a suggestion: “If your traditional menu items aren’t travel-friendly, try preparing takeout-friendly protein packs of marinated or seasoned meats for customers to supplement what they prepare at home.”

TIP #2
For meal kits, Chef Bradley Borchardt recommends, “Add a simple recipe card to help with finishing at home. And try simpler menu items; instead of a thick cut steak, do a minute steak. That way, you don’t need to worry about temps for takeout.”

TIP #3
“Find out what your customers would be more inclined to order and offer options,” Chef Pete Geoghegan suggests. “While family-style meals have a certain appeal, many customers may prefer individual meals to accommodate various tastes.”

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