Classic BBQ Sides with Craft Twists

BBQ Poutine

Focusing on more than the smoke and the sauce, BBQ joints are now putting craft spins on their sides too. This doesn’t mean the days of mashed potatoes and slaw are necessarily over. Classic comfort foods may now have unexpected preparations, like pimento mac and cheese or cornbread topped with house-pickled jalapeños. Serving up something […]

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Global Flavors for Ribeye

Rib cap on cutting board

Avant-garde chefs are experimenting with less traditional and globally inspired flavors on their ribeye cuts. Have you tried tandoori-style ingredients on your boneless prime rib? Or tried cooking your bone-in ribeye Argentinian/gaucho-style (roasting using distinctive wood)? Some chefs are preparing their ribeye Souvlaki-style (skewered and with Greek seasonings). How would ribeye with global flavors fit […]

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A Culinary Trip to South America

Rib cap on serving platter

Sterling Silver blade and lifter meat (the rib cap) is the “crown jewel” of the rib section. Try rubbing this meat with garlic, lemon and oregano – then char-grill it. You’ll find it delivers a rich, Latin American flavor. Latino side-dish ideas include diced-ham cornbread, roasted poblano chilis with crème, anise bread rolls, fried sweet […]

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Sterling Silver Meats