Tips for Effective Menu Storytelling

Person holding a menu

It’s easy to describe a dish on your menu using only a list of its ingredients. But this simple approach often ends up feeling uninspiring. It also isn’t necessarily ownable—another restaurant down the street might use the same list of ingredients on a similar item. But when you tell a brief story to describe your […]

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How a Menu Engineering Matrix will Help Your Bottom Line

Menu engineering matrix symbols: star, plow horse, puzzle, dog

Creating and pricing your menu can seem pretty straightforward. But without spending time looking deeper into the costs and rate of sale, you could be losing money and even drive off traffic. That’s why operators use a menu engineering matrix: a way to analyze profitability and popularity to determine how to best menu an item. […]

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Wine Pairings For Beef On The Menu

Pouring a glass of red wine alongside a beef dish

It’s no wonder why tannin-centric reds are traditionally paired with beef dishes – these wines are often used in the preparation of dishes like beef Bourguignon. Sipping on heavy red wine with a great steak entrée can also enhance the natural flavors of beef cuts. Selecting a wine variety can depend on the overall preparation […]

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Preparation Methods: Smoking


Barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, BBQ – no matter what you call it, there’s no question about the level of flavor this method delivers. To dive into the basics of smoking beef, we sat down with Sterling Silver® Premium Meats customer Tim Keegan, Executive Pitmaster of Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue. Tim was born into this cooking method – […]

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How to Cut Waste and Boost Profit With Ribeye

Ribeye cutting

Using every piece of a cut, such as ribeye, helps your business minimize waste and maximize profit. Not only can you create new, sought-after specials for your menu, but breaking down a ribeye cut also provides meat for making stock, fats for rendering and so much more. With a few cutting techniques, a ribeye can […]

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Adapting For Amazing Menus

Overhead of steak on plate

An amazing menu doesn’t just happen. It takes time, patience, understanding and flexibility to make it something your customers tell their friends about. Of all these elements, perhaps the most valuable one is flexibility — adapting when you’re thrown for a loop. Our Sterling Silver Signature Chef Nick Unangst has some excellent insight into how […]

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Unconventional Holiday Offerings For Gifting And Off-Premise

Red, silver, and white gifts graphic

Restaurants are beginning to prepare for the colder season –  they are seeking out heat lamps and other seasonal amenities to help maintain outdoor dining revenue that meets customer comfort levels. With this seasonal shift comes holiday celebrations and the innovations that need to be made in order to safely see them through. Gift sets […]

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House Pickling For Craft Flair

Pickled vegetable jars stacked up on top of one another

“I’ve been experimenting with spice blends, adding them to pickled items and grilled meats to give them a different, unique flavor profile.” Sterling Silver Chef Barry Miles digs into how pickling vegetables in-house can bring distinct freshness to a plate– but these tangy garnishes can offer more than a touch of acidity. These punchy additions […]

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